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Odontogenic Tumours

What are odontogenic tumours

Odontogenic tumours are a group of tumours that occur in and around the jaws and the teeth and originate from cells and tissues that are involved in normal tooth development.

They are relatively rare and range from very benign and slow growing to more aggressive tumours that are capable of destroying bone, soft tissues and teeth. Very rarely they can be truly malignant and metastasize (spread ) to lymph nodes or to the lungs.

The cause of odontogenic tumours is unknown.

Odontogenic Tumours | My ENT Specialist

What types of odontogenic tumours are there?

There are a huge number of different types of odontogenic tumours. Some of the more common ones are:

What are the symptoms of odontogenic tumours?

The symptoms for odontogenic tumours vary widely and can be difficult to diagnose. Some common symptoms include:

How are odontogenic tumours diagnosed?

Most often these tumours are diagnosed on a CT scan or on Dental X-rays. A/Prof McGuinness will take a complete medical history as well as conduct a physical examination of the mouth, jaw, teeth and nose. He may take a biopsy during this examination and may also request further specialist imaging investigations including:

Odontogenic Tumour Treatment | My ENT Specialist

How are odontogenic tumours treated?

The treatment options vary and are dependent upon the type of tumour, whether it is benign or malignant, the stage of growth, and the symptoms. A/Prof McGuinness will determine the most suitable treatment which may include:

When should I see a specialist?

If your family doctor or dentist suspects you have an odontogenic tumour that requires treatment, they will refer you to an ENT surgeon who specialises in conditions of the head and neck. When you have your referral, please call our rooms to arrange for a consultation with A/Prof McGuinness.