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Robotic Surgery

What is transoral robotic surgery?

Transoral robotic surgery or TORS is a minimally invasive procedure used to treat various benign and malignant head and neck conditions using a specialised robot device via the mouth. The robot is at all times controlled by a qualified robotic surgeon who is in the operating room with the patient.

The robot system has three parts:

Transoral Robotic Surgery or TORS | My ENT Specialist

How is transoral robotic surgery performed?

Like many throat operations TORS is performed under general anaesthetic. During a TORS procedure, A/Prof McGuinness uses a state of the art Da Vinci medical robot to operate within the confined spaces of the throat without the need to make any cuts or incisions on the neck.

What conditions can be treated using transoral robotic surgery?

TORS is most effective in the treatment of less accessible cancer including:

What are the advantages of transoral robotic surgery?

There are a number of advantages to TORS when compared to open surgery and endoscopic surgery. These include:

Robotic Surgery | MY ENT Specialist

What are the limitations of transoral robotic surgery?

There are a number of barriers to the wider use of TORS. These include:

Experience with transoral robotic surgery

A/Prof McGuinness has had extensive training in TORS and is a credentialled robotic surgeon. He was one of the first surgeons in Australia to perform robotic head and neck cancer surgery and provides TORS procedures for suitable patients at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, St George Private Hospital and Campbelltown Private Hospital.