Associate Professor John McGuinness is a trusted provider of comprehensive diagnosis and treatment services for ENT conditions

Diagnosis and treatment of ENT conditions

The My ENT Specialist team is a group of highly trained and qualified Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists supported by an experienced practice nurse, allied health practitioners and admin team.

Our team is led by Associate Professor John McGuinness, an internationally trained and respected ENT surgeon dealing with all conditions of the Ear Nose and Throat and the Head and Neck for both adults and children.

His vision for the My ENT Specialist practice was to establish world class services at multiple locations for the diagnosis, management and treatment of ENT conditions.

When you come for your consultation at My ENT Specialist and consult with our ENT Specialists, you will also be able to access a range of in-house services not usually available in specialist practices, which prevents multiple specialist appointments.

These include:

It is our goal to ensure that each person who visits our practice is treated with care and respect and offered the most up-to-date treatment available for their condition at a choice of locations to meet their needs.

Trusted providers of specialist ENT services

At My Specialist ENT, our ENT surgeons have adopted a multi-disciplinary approach and use the latest diagnostic and treatment techniques to ensure better patient outcomes when managing conditions of the Ear, Nose and Throat and the Head and Neck.

Experience and Expertise

The doctors at My ENT Specialist are highly respected and experienced surgeons who have been trained in some of the most recognised and leading centres in the world.

It is our priority to ensure our patients are able to access the most up-to- date and suitable treatment available in a safe and convenient manner.

Together with our allied health, nurse, anaesthetists and admin team, our ENT surgeons are committed to the delivery of a patient centric experience that meets their physical and psychological needs.

We welcome your feedback at all times during your patient journey. This allows us to continually improve on our service offering and provide our patients and their families with an experience that allows them to feel confident in our treatment recommendations, and positive that they will be treated with respect throughout their treatment journey.

When you visit our practice, you can be assured you will experience a warm friendly environment that has been designed with your care in mind.

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